A Delaware limited partnership

Investors that meet the Suitability requirements can purchase single or multiple interests in the Partnership that own working interest in oil and liquids-rich natural gas development wells. Proceeds from the Sale of the Interests will be primarily invested in “fluid management” projects located in the North-West of the United States, primarily in Montana in 2017/2018, North Dakota and 2019 and followed by Wyoming and/or other geographic area identified as Prospective by the Managing General Partner (“Managing GP”)

Primary objectives of the Partnership

  • Generate revenue from the production and sale of oil, natural gas liquids;
  • Distribute cash to its investors; and 
  • provide tax benefits in the year that the offering commences and in future years.

Area of Operations: North-West of the USA

  • The Bakken Formation has an estimated mean oil resource of 3.65 billion barrels and 
  • The Three Forks Formation has an estimated mean resource of 3.73 BBO, for a total of 7.38 billion barrels
  • L6NRG is acquiring land in Montana (2017) and is scheduling additional acquisitions (2018)  in North Dakota and Wyoming. L6NRG acquired land in Wyoming-Uinta County.
  • The Company intends to use new state of the Art dewatering techniques to have more efficient results than traditional wells.

Why investing in an O&G Drilling Partnership

  1. Cash Distribution, Oil and natural gas partnerships may generate cash distribution
  2. Tax Advantages, Oil and natural gas partnerships may provide tax benefits for certain investors
  3. Portfolio Diversification, an investment in an Oil and natural gas drilling partnership may provide a diversification from your traditional form of investment.
  4. Potential Inflation Hedge, The price of oil and natural gas will traditionally rise in conjunction with higher inflation which can benefit drilling partnerships that have producing wells in place prior to or at the beginning of an inflationary period