Frederic Scheer


 Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, had a successful carrier in Finance as a banker in Europe, moved to the USA in 1986. in 1987, Scheer became the youngest CFO of a NYSE company. Mr. Scheer was successful in taking public several start-up companies on Bulletin-Board and NASDAQ. Scheer worked in the Chemical industry and alternative technology for over 25 years. He participated into the restructuring of Montedison in Italy, a $23 Billion Oil & Chemical groups, founded Biocorp, Inc. a bioplastic company and founded Cereplast, Inc., that he brought to NASDAQ, a Chemical resin company operating three plants in the USA and abroad. He recently founded L6NRG. Scheer speaks four languages including French, Italian, Spanish and English, is a US citizen leaving in Montana. He managed a non-profit 501 (c) 3 the Scheerfoundation fighting malnutrition in Tanzania where he built a processing plant. Scheer hold 2 Doctorate(s) in Law from the University of Paris and a MBA from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. Scheer writes for Investor Magazine, O&G section.

Michael Okada

Chief Financial Officer & Senior Managing Director, has 25 years of executive financial management experience in high growth entrepreneurial companies.  As a Big 4 CPA, Mr. Okada previously held senior management roles with NASDAQ and NYSE companies in a broad range of industries including technology, semiconductors, software, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health care, apparel and manufacturing.  Mr. Okada possesses expertise in financial reporting, board and investor relations for portfolio companies and establishing infrastructure for rapidly expanding companies. Mr. Okada received a BS in Accounting from Santa Clara University and is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of California.

Craig Wynn

joined the Managing GP in August 2017. Mr. Wynn has been involved in all aspects of oil and gas project generation and development for the last 33 years. Prior to joining the Managing GP, Mr. Wynn was a Senior Geological Consultant to TNG Ltd., as well as a consulting geologist to various other oil and gas exploration and production companies including working with Major companies.  Mr. Wynn is a certified Petroleum Geologist by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and an active member of the M&W Geological Society, and the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists. Mr. Wynn is also a board-certified geologist. Mr.. Wynn will devote 90% of his time to the business and affairs of the Managing GP and 10% of his time to independent projects.