About Us

Who we are

L6NRG Montana I, L.P. is a new Delaware Limited Partnership sponsored by L6NRG, LLC. We are an independent oil and gas Partnership engaged in the development, exploitation and exploration of oil and gas properties in Montana and  North Dakota.

We have already acquired 7, 200 net acres of oil & gas located in Richland and Roosevelt county, Montana.


L6NRG Montana I, L.P. believes that the best way to generate long-term value is to  engage in the following business model :

  • Acquire non-operated positions in high quality acreage about to be drilled, that provide for high internal rates of return on capital.
  • Partner with leading E&P operators with a successful track record in the Williston Basin, ensuring reliable performance and diversification of operational risk.
  • Maintain the financial flexibility, liquidity and discipline to deploy capital quickly where it will generate the highest rates of return.
  • Increase visible growth potential over the long-term, strengthening our ability to deliver on our commitments for decades to come.

Excellent Timing & New Dynamic

U.S. output surged on the back of an initial price spike after OPEC’s output deal last year (Vienna Conference November 30, 2016). 

The new US Administration is clearly favoring a US grown production.

Cost effective Drilling techniques have improved in recent years.

The  Bakken Oil boon continues and the recent devastation of the storm  "Harvey" in Texas demonstrates the importance of the Bakken and Williston Basin in the Rockies. 

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